Psychomontage (1993) [Unconscious Sexual Images]

Posted on May 2, 2013


Sexologists, psychologists, and proponents of sexual freedom, the Kronhausens here attempt to induce erotic response in the audience by carefully chosen visual stimuli and juxtapositions (aimed at both conscious and unconscious). Phallic symbols and open orifices, a tongue licking an orange, an unexpected finger entering the frame: almost any object or act, no matter how innocuous, the Kronhausens show, can be made to appear erotic, and reveals our predisposition towards ‘shaping’ visual evidence for purposes of erotic gratification.” All of these images are viewed against an audio background of bizarre soundbites featuring insects, jungle animals, jets, demolition projects, industrial and natural sounds which at times seem to be completely unrelated to what you are watching. But are they?