Final Faeces (2006) (ultra-rare)

Posted on May 2, 2013


The story of Final Faeces is profound in its simplicity. A man with a food fetish makes some rather juvenile prank calls. Unfortunately for him, he rings two guys that decide to track him down and make him pay for fucking with them. On their way to teach him his lesson, they treat people they encounter with extreme nastiness and disdain.

Final Faeces is a film with something for everyone, or rather, something to offend everyone. Censors may normally have their heads up their asses, but the Kiwis got it right when they said there was content that might disturb. Not since Pink Flamingos has there been a story this hellbent on repulsing its audience. Puking, drug injection, shitting, racism, bad puns and more shitting are all here to put viewers off as Finale Faeces builds to a climax that will delight corpophiliacs and disgust everyone else.